Jun 6, 2018

Is your brand focused enough?

Is Your Brand Focused Enough?

Tell us about your brand. Seems like a simple question but maybe you’re having some difficulty putting together an answer. Many companies worry whether their brand is considered niche or if it is too general and unfocused, potentially confusing customers. It’s often difficult for business owners to define who they are. Naturally, they want to be all things to all people. However, it is critical to define the type of business you are in so that you can properly position yourself for your customers. If you can’t describe your business, then you can’t expect your customers to engage with it. We are here to help you determine whether your brand is actually focused enough to succeed and how to find that perfect balance between being definitive, yet flexible.

Be definitive

You need to be specific about what you do. And this specification should be based on the skills you have built as an organization. The more specific you can be, the more your customers will start to understand what you can offer to them. This may force you to pick the one thing you are the best at, but it’s a story you should stick to.

Be flexible

As you define your business, you need some flexibility built in. The business world is constantly changing, with your customers’ needs driving most of these changes. How you define your business needs to be flexible enough to change right along with your customers, evolving to keep up to speed with them.

Be balanced

The art of brand positioning comes from walking the fine line between having a tight definition of your business along with one that can flexibly change as you see it. For example, Air Canada has defined its brand as being in the passenger-airplane business. However, if they had defined their business as “transportation”, we could have seen them enter into other forms such as buses, railroads, etc.

When looking at your business and your brand, you need to strike a proper balance between being definitive and being flexible, so that you can maximize the clarity of your brand and the opportunities in your business. If you feel like your brand is not focused enough, or maybe too focused, contact the Design Thinking Agency today and we can help you modify your brand to become the most successful company that you can be.