The world is now mobile. It’s fast and audiences won’t listen unless it matters to them at that very moment. To compete, you need a strong creative built on a foundation of insight. You need a strategy that identifies your current position, your goals and creates a direct path to success.

Brand Audit


Successful marketing campaigns start with understanding your audience and how they view your brand within its category. The purpose behind a Brand Audit is to gain a clear understanding of what your brand stands for currently, how it’s appreciated and how you’re perceived as the company offering the brand. The power of your brand is stronger than you realize. It is the foundational asset of your business, inspiring your employees and enticing customers. A Brand Audit evaluates your internal and external equities and assets in order to develop an effective Brand and Marketing Communication Strategy.

Design Thinking has helped us develop a comprehensive branding program, including marketing materials and our digital presence online. We look to them to review and refine our website content and marketing message, providing global access to our information across a number of platforms. The quality of their work speaks for itself and as such, we’ve entrusted important elements of our business with them for many years.
– Paula Coony, Brand Manager, Zamboni Company  


Brand Strategy Development

If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.

Developing a relevant, persuasive message is an important part of marketing for any company. However, aligning that message and strategy with the brand is something that each company should integrate into all of their marketing activities and consistently apply it across all media. Implementing an effective message and strategy is a multi-step process involving research, implementation, and tracking – repeat as necessary. Your Brand Strategy will not only give you the competitive edge in your market but also guide your company in a unified, focused, consistent direction over time to maximize your business growth.

Market Research & Analysis
Always Dig Deeper.

Assumptions should never be an option. To be effective you need to definitively and measurably know what you’re up against. Identifying or confirming your current position and barriers is what Market Research & Analysis does and it contributes to your decision making process. Reality therapy makes for smarter thinking, so one should always know their brand equities. We can provide insights into who your customers are, what they do, how they think and how you can reach them. Why Market Research & Analysis? Because everything else is speculation – and speculation is just really good guessing.

We need to reverse our old way of thinking – customers buy, we don’t sell.

Marketing Plan

Our business is…

We collaborate with our clients to develop strategic marketing plans. Our clients are the experts in their business and critical to the development process. It begins with an in-depth understanding of our client’s product/service, goals/objectives, competitive landscape, unique selling proposition, target audience(s) and future growth opportunities. From there, we build out a comprehensive plan to allocate the budget available to support our client’s goals/objectives in the short, medium and long-term. The process is about helping take our clients where they want to go.


Marketing Communications Plan
Deploying your message to your market.

A successful campaign doesn’t exist without a plan. Like your Brand Strategy, your Communications Plan is a living document which adjusts based on your goals – achieving or surpassing – and changes occurring in your marketplace. Integrated with your Marketing Plan, we develop a Communications Plan which outlines the specific strategies and tactics needed to reach the goals. The plan includes detailed planning, including work plans, timelines, milestones and promotion schedules and budgets. It includes the complete, detailed implementation of the initiatives supporting your Marketing Strategy.