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Building your brand with creativity through insight.

At Design Thinking, we know that brand audits and research are the way to creating effective advertising campaigns. We never rest on assumptions, and know that every move made and every message crafted must be targeted and strategic.  We’re a Hamilton marketing agency that, at it’s core, values ‘creativity through insight’. We build effective campaigns based on solid branding and design foundation. Developing a brand strategy and marketing communications campaigns is a practice that we’ve proven works, time and time again.
Over the last 30 years, we have had the great pleasure of working alongside a wide variety of clients in various industries. Each unique client presents a new challenge, however one thing always remains the same — the results we achieve.  Our job is to deliver your audience your message at the right time in the most effective ways possible. Using every tool at our disposal, we deliver that message with flawless execution. Helping our clients shape their business is not only what we do, it’s who we are.  We are your Hamilton marketing agency.

Your brand needs a marketing agency.

Modern marketing for a modern world.

With the world outside in a constant state of fluctuation, technologies are shifting as fast as the wind. This presents us unique opportunities to engage and captivate your audience.  We, as your Hamilton marketing agency, can take your brand to the next level through variety of avenues:

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Creativity through insight.

In todays fast-paced modern world, there’s an absolute necessity for modern marketing practices. With the average attention span getting shorter and shorter, first impressions are more important than ever.  Your marketing agency should have the tools needed to convey your brands message, in order to convert audiences into clients.

From on-brand logo and graphic design and  to website development and search engine optimization, every client and project we work with starts with diligent research and planning.  Accurate and thorough insight is what drives inspiring and impactful execution.  Check out our gallery to see the work we do , and the strategy that drives the story.

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Build your brand with a marketing agency.


Branding. Website design. Digital advertising. Print.  Behind every word, every image, every line of code is our dedicated Design Thinking team.  We provide high quality marketing services and strive to deliver validated, insightful ideas that drive results.  We build brands.  Period.
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