The world is now mobile, it’s fast, and audiences won’t listen to what you say unless it matters to them at that moment. You need a unified front of effective creative across all lines of communication, integrated online, in print, outdoor, anyplace that your consumer is hiding.  We will find them and we will deliver.


Passion. Insight. Experience.

These ingredients all go into the designing of compelling and connecting creative. Your communications have to work harder than ever to stand out, be seen and be heard in this noisy ‘look at me, choose me, buy me’ marketplace. We need to immediately breakthrough – to intrude, to connect and to engage.  Everything you create from your logo to your website should stem from the audience you want to target and the position you want to own. At Design Thinking, we have the talent, the process and the standards to deliver creative that drives measurable results. Pound in your stake but keep moving forward.


Corporate identity – Branding & implementation

Differentiation. Relevance. Coherence. Esteem.

Starting with the essence of your brand and value proposition is fundamental to everything we do. You need clear differentiation – a reason to believe. You need to be relevant to your audience, and fulfill their wants, needs and aspirations. This will make you meaningful and valued. You also need credibility by presenting yourself consistently in all your communications. If you can deliver these principles then your brand will be valued, esteemed and create enduring relationships with your customers. Then you will reap the rewards of developing ‘customers for life’ and brand advocates. Marketing nirvana. This is what it’s all about.


Web Design & Development

A fundamental shift in how we communicate.

Is there anything else anymore? Well there is but you can’t ignore the fastest moving part. The future is mobile, it’s global, and it’s now. Website Design and Development is more important than ever. Google is already predicting that 60% of users are accessing content through mobile and that number is only continuing to grow. They are also adjusting their search algorithms to account for mobile websites. We need to create a comfortable, functional and informative places for your customers to visit, to connect and to buy from. Universal connectivity is the new world order and less is more. Simple but effective.

Content Development

If content is king, relevance is the crown.

If your message doesn’t speak to your target audience or isn’t relevant, it’s lost – good bye. With people being bombarded by messages and noise, you need to present succinct content that is tailored to your audience and consistent with your brand strategy and messaging. You need to deliver your message in the proper voice, with the proper tone, and with enough importance to make them want to care about what you have to say, and then to act on that messaging.  Content development no longer involves simply telling them what you do – it has to be relevant and engaging at that moment.


Demand Marketing

Right person. Right message. Right time.

Demand marketing is fuelled by the ongoing evolution of technology and consumer expectations. Your customers don’t just want interaction, they demand more and more from you day in and day out. Your messages and offerings need pinpoint 1 to 1 delivery, and make it ‘sticky’ enough to grab their attention – then enable them to engage and incite their response. We can identify ways to educate, encourage and enable your customers to break their ingrained habits and encourage them to seek out your products over others. We’ll make it ‘sticky’ for you and your customers.

Over 2.5 billion people have social media accounts. Facebook sees 4 million likes per minute, Twitter users post 6000 tweets per second, and Instagram has 4.2 billion likes daily.


Social Media Strategy & Implementation

Targeted messages from someone they trust.

The numbers are astounding and can’t be ignored. A recent study shows that one third of the world’s population uses social media. This means that 2,500,000,000 people are posting, pinning, tweeting, vining and instagramming. Having just a Facebook or LinkedIn page is no longer an option. Creating a consistent customer experience across social as well as offline avenues is the only option. It’s time to pull it all together under a single, coherent plan and express yourself – many voices (channels) with a single focus (messages).


Media Planning, Buying, Research and Analysis

Where design thinking goes to a whole new level.

Media Research Planning is a key component of a media buy. Depending on product and service, Media Buyers investigate how best to spend the allotted budget. This can include research on the target audience and what type of medium will work best to reach the largest number of consumers most cost-effectively. We can pinpoint your audience and deliver your message consistently to your audience through the best vehicles at the right time and for the lowest cost.  Simply booking an ad, billboard or online banner is wasting your budget and missing the opportunity to really maximize your marketing communications investment.

Working with Design Thinking has become a vital part my business plan to ensure the goals of my clients are met and exceeded. I can trust that they will listen to the needs of each client and create a marketing plan with unique designs and concepts followed by flawless execution. Our teamwork has proven to me that working with Design Thinking yields success!
– Michael St. Jean, St. Jean Realty Inc.