May 29, 2017

DT Marketing Hamilton’s Most Successful Condo Development of 2017

Vista Condos on Charlton branding

Brand development, a thoroughly executed marketing strategy, a unique product and a dedicated realty team have all lead Vista Condos to reach the third and final building of their condo development in Hamilton, Ontario. To follow suit of the first two buildings, Vista 3 is anticipated to be just as triumphant as the previous two.


Design Thinking teamed up with Vista Condos on Charlton and St. Jean Realty in October of 2016 to begin the three phased project. After starting with a brand refresh and determining a new approach to marketing and sales, the team was eager to start promoting the modern 152 suite living opportunity.


The plan was developed to target people in different areas of south western Ontario who were looking to relocate, downsize, or even buy their first home. With multiple channels being utilized, such as print ads, digital ads, email blasts, and social media, all avenues lead to the big VIP Launch Event where selling out in one day was ultimate goal.


With buyers lining up before sunrise to secure their suite in Vista 2, and soon a line up out the door, the team was thrilled to announce that the first two building were 100% sold out! This made Vista Condos on Charlton the most successful development in 2017.


Now, with no time to waste and the wave of the public’s enthusiasm still high, newspapers ads and emails have been sent out to begin the buildup for Vista 3. Sales have been scheduled to start at the end of June 2017 and the trio continues to hammer away until the last building reaches full occupancy.