Dec 13, 2018

DT Holiday Traditions

The Design Thinking Agency team

We must admit, Christmas is one of our favourite holidays here at Design Thinking with plenty of traditions around the office. From the classic Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey holiday albums on repeat (sorry boys) to hiding and finding JELF to our annual potluck and secret Santa on the last day of work, we stay true to our traditions each and every year. Let’s take a look at some other favourite traditions our DT elves have outside of work.

If you’ve ever seen how beautifully she wraps gifts, you can only imagine how stunning her holiday decorations look! One of Ellen’s favourite traditions is getting her home ready by decorating her house and tree to create that warm, cozy feeling for family and friends to experience when they come over to celebrate.

Living up to her alias as Sleeping Beauty’s stunt double, Nicole’s favourite holiday tradition is snuggling up in her pyjamas on Christmas Eve and watching the original ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ cartoon version. Another favourite tradition is watching her dogs open their presents on Christmas morning because yes, dogs make Santa’s ‘Nice’ list too.

Similar to Nicole’s tradition, one of Caroline’s favourite holiday traditions is watching ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ with her Dad on Christmas Eve while eating burgers. Her other favourite tradition is waking up before everyone else with her brother and sneaking downstairs to look through their stockings. Coal for you and your brother this year Caroline!

A true family man at heart, one of John’s favourite holiday traditions is going over to his sister’s house on Christmas morning to watch his nieces open up all of their gifts. We won’t mention the part about him always being hungover from his family’s Christmas party the night before. Uncle John’s getting lit!

We love Paige’s holiday tradition of having baking nights throughout the season with her mom because it usually means we get some tasty treats. Is it just us or does that sound like a little too docile of a tradition for the Paige that we know? Oh right, we forgot to mention her other favourite tradition – choking back hot toddy’s with her family! Yeah, that sounds more like it.

Staying true to his Scrooge-like personality, Jordan’s favourite holiday tradition is watching the movie ‘Scrooged’ while sipping on whiskey. We have nothing further to say about this oh-so-beautiful tradition other than Jordan really knows how to get into the magical holiday spirit.

One of the comfiest traditions, Heather’s favourite holiday ritual is spending Christmas Day in her pyjamas watching holiday movies with her family, especially ‘White Christmas’. Once the credits start rolling Heather continues her family’s traditions by cooking a turkey dinner with her Mom.

A family holiday tradition that started back at home in India, Anooj and his wife continue to build their own nativity scene every year. Taking at least one full day, sometimes even two, Anooj loves seeing the whole scene come together and feeling closer to his family even when they are miles apart.

New to Design Thinking, Natasha is so far loving our office holiday traditions but nothing beats her annual, very competitive, Christmas Eve Wii Pictionary game with her family. Waking up, her family tends to have a large appetite thanks to the intense game from the night before so they work together as a team to cook up a delicious Christmas morning brunch.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Vance’s favourite holiday tradition. As much as he loves spending time with his two daughters and son, his absolute favourite tradition during the holiday season is obviously coming to work and seeing his DT elves hard at work while singing away to holiday tunes. Or at least that’s what he tells us! Sticking with this tradition for nearly 30 years now, almost as long as he’s been creating great brands, Vance’s true favourite holiday ritual is watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on Christmas Eve.

What are some of your favourite holiday traditions this time of year? Whatever they may be, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday! See you next year!