Dec 19, 2019

DT Employees as Holiday Movie Characters

Everyone has that one holiday movie that they have on repeat from December 1st all the way until December 25th, but what about those movies where you can relate to the main character so much it’s almost creepy.

Well we here at Design Thinking each have our own favourite holiday movies, and then we each have that one holiday movie that we can relate to on our own level. I’m sure you can guess some but if not here is our list of DT employees as your favourite holiday movie characters.

Vance and Ellen – Mr. & Mrs. Griswold

Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Let’s start with the Mom and Dad in the office – Vance and Ellen. Vance being the owner of DT as well as our boss and Ellen being our Production Coordinator and well, the boss of Vance! These two remind us of none other than Mr. & Mrs. Griswold from the holiday classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Just like Clark “Sparky” Griswold, Vance is always finding new and creative ways for the DT family to come together and celebrate the holidays whether it’s hosting us at their home, giving us time off to celebrate with our families or always getting our annual JELF game rolling (don’t ask…).

Always by Sparky’s side is his down-to-earth, amazing sense of décor, always thinking of others wife, Ellen Griswold. The name just contributes even more to the scary coincidence! With her immaculate gift-wrapping skills and ability to bring Sparky back to reality from time to time, Ellen always manages to keep a cool head and full heart throughout the holiday season.

We won’t mention anything about how relatable the SWAT scene in the movie is to some of the events that have taken place at DT over the years.

Jordan – The… the… the…THE GRINCH!

Movie: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Antisocial, misanthropic, mischievous, eccentric, scared of razors, and a creative genius. Words that can be used to describe the Grinch and Jordan Stewart. His head may not have been screwed on just right, his shoes sometimes fit too tight, and he may have a heart two sizes too small, but deep down, once you get to know him, just like the Grinch, Jordan is really just a teddy bear.

If ever you see him start to turn green just give him a cup of strong coffee or a glass of strong whiskey. That always makes his heart grow three sizes.

John – Kevin McCallister

Movie: Home Alone

Always up to trouble in some way shape or form it’s no wonder John reminds us of the character Kevin McCallister from Home Alone and we don’t think it’s a coincidence that this just so happens to be his favourite holiday movie as well!

From missing flights due to sleeping in (and being late to work on more than one occasion) to being the prank master in the DT family, John and Kevin really are one in the same. A brave soul at heart, there’s no denying that John could take on the Wet Bandits any day!

If you’re ever thinking about trying to break into John’s house (we’re looking at you Grinch aka Jordan), think again. This guy has tricks up his sleeves like no other!

Anooj – Buddy the Elf

Movie: Elf

Have you ever seen our web developer Anooj not smiling? Neither have we! Whether it’s the prime holiday season in December or the middle of a hot summer, Anooj will always remind us of Buddy the Elf from one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time, Elf. Never one to give up hope or on his coworkers, Anooj is one of, if not the most cheeriest and joyful character in the DT office.

Like Buddy who can build an entire Santa Village overnight, it has been known that Anooj can build an entire website in just a day! Always willing to help others, looking on the positive side of every situation, and prepared to take on any challenge the world wide web throws his way, Anooj has the special ability to brighten anyone’s day as soon as he walks into the room.

Warning: Like Buddy, if you give Anooj sugar or any kind of caffeine, take cover!

Caroline – Kate Kinkaid

Movie: Four Christmases

Coming from a family of divorced parents, Caroline can relate to the character of Kate from Four Christmases pretty well. With three older siblings, four sets of grandparents, and nieces and nephews on the way, the holiday season can be a little non-traditional in a sense for this dysfunctional family.

Sure, she would love to spend the holidays in Fiji, but she could never actually give up spending the holiday season hopping around from house to house seeing everyone she loves.

Similar to Kate’s organizational skills on Four Christmases, Caroline’s planning abilities come in real handy during the holiday season just as they do at work in her Communications Coordinator role.

Natasha – Karen

Movie: Frosty the Snowman

Everyone knows about Frosty in this classic holiday movie, but who remembers Karen? The little girl who actually built Frosty and continued to sacrifice herself to keep Frosty chilled while they travelled to the North Pole. Not only does Natasha actually look a little bit like Karen with her blonde hair, but their character traits have even more in common than their physical ones.

Similar to Karen, Natasha is always one to sacrifice for others within the office whether that means staying late to help with pranks (whoops we mean projects), coming up with strategic solutions to solve web issues, or bringing in treats for all of her coworkers. Only Natasha would have the brains and magic to build a snowman that could come to life.

Sarah – Elsa

Movie: Frozen

She can sing, she is selfless, she is patient, and yes, she can sometimes get emotional. Are we talking about Elsa from the famous movie Frozen or Sarah from the best marketing agency in Brantford, Design Thinking? They’re basically one in the same! So much so that people have even paid Sarah to dress up as Elsa and sing at their parties. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

Not only does Sarah face her fears head on, she has the magical superpower of baking some of the best cupcakes we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a lot in this office over the years! Sarah’s strong will along with her quick wit sense of humour is what keeps this office sparkling with smiles all year round.

Taryn – Kevin McCallister

Movie: Home Alone 2

How lucky are we to have two Kevin’s from Home Alone in this office! Unlike the one that is always late to everything, Taryn relates more to Kevin from Home Alone 2, specifically eating pizza in the back of a limo. Oh, and drinking a ton of pop, except instead of pop it’s actually wine but you didn’t hear that from us!

Like Kevin, Taryn has no troubles at all making new friends whether it’s the Pigeon Lady from Central Park, the toy store owner Mr. Duncan, or her coworkers at DT. But be warned – she also has a prank or two up her sleeve.

What are some of your favourite movies to watch during this festive time of year? Whether it’s one of the timeless movies above or a different holiday flick, we hope that you find some time this season to sit back, relax and enjoy with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays!
-Design Thinking