Dec 20, 2017

Design Thinking Holiday Blog

Design Thinking Christmas party

This is a special time of year here at The Design Thinking Agency as we reflect on our past favourite holiday memories and our future wishes. In the spirit of the holidays this year we thought we would take a moment and ask everyone in the office what their favourite gift they have ever received was and what is on their holiday wish list this year. Of course, many of us had similar answers about our wish this year, spending more time with family. But we do have a couple of people that are asking for some other interesting gifts.


Ellen Merson, our Production Coordinator, has a very special past holiday gift that she will always hold near and dear to her heart. She had her prayers answered on the health of a family member and it is far above anything material she has ever received. As for this year, Ellen’s holiday wish is for everyone who is journeying to see their loved ones to have safe travels.


Paige Stewart, our Communications Director, was given a karaoke machine when she was a kid and that is her favourite holiday gift she has ever received as it provided endless hours of fun with her friends. That was a gift that kept on giving as she still loves to jump on stage when there is a karaoke machine in sight…just don’t ask her to sing “Ignition” by R. Kelly. This year, Paige is hoping for an area rug for her living room, but that’s not all. As much as she hates saying cheesy things, her true wish this holiday season is for her brother, who lives in British Columbia, to come home for Christmas.


Nicole Childs, our Web Designer and SEO Specialist, was given a pair of UGG boots two years ago from her mom and she still loves to wear them to this day. We know, basic white girl status! She especially loves them when she takes her adorable Boston Terrier dog, Hunter, out for walks. This year, Nicole is wishing for painting supplies. About a year ago she took up the hobby and she’s finding it to be very relaxing and rewarding. We may have the next Picasso here! No wonder she designs such beautiful websites.


Anooj Francis, our Web Developer, introduces our team to new traditions for this holiday season. Rather than giving gifts, his family focuses on truly being present with each other and spending quality time together. This is what Anooj is thankful for each holiday season. He does however still have a wish on his list this year and that is to win the nativity scene competition. If he can develop nativity scenes as well as he can develop websites, we have no doubt that he will bring home first place.


When Jordan Stewart, our Art Director, was 11, Santa brought him his very first guitar and amp. This is his favourite gift because it changed everything and inspired him to be creative. It’s even still a big part of his life today. You will notice on his business card he is known as the “guitar slinger” to us. If you ever want to jam, you know who to call! This holiday season, Jordan is staying away from that rock n’ roll life and is wishing for some meaningful time spent with family and friends.


John Duong, our Designer, was lucky enough to receive a Dyson vacuum last year for Christmas and considers that his favourite gift ever received. Talk about #adulting. This year a new computer is at the top of John’s wish list. I guess this Netflix connoisseur has used up most of the juice in his current computer binging Breaking Bad. Second on his wish list is to receive a raise. Maybe if you get that new computer you can work more hours from home and earn that raise John!


Just last year for Christmas, Heather Saunders, our Social Media Guru, received a plane ticket to visit her friends that live in the States. That is one gift that she will cherish forever. She also treasures any handmade gifts as they hold a special place in her heart. This year spending more time with family is number one on Heather’s wish list.


Caroline Rebry, our Communications Coordinator, was surprised when her parents gifted her and her siblings with a family trip to Miami a couple years ago. As nice as Miami was, it was the time that she got to spend with her family that was the true gift she will forever value. With an 8-month pregnant sister, Caroline is wishing for a healthy niece or nephew this Christmas. Okay, you caught her, she’s wishing for a niece!


What are you wishing for this holiday season? Whatever it may be, we hope your wishes come true and that you have a safe and happy holiday!