Nov 30, 2017

The Design Thinking Agency sponsored WLU Brantford’s TEDx

TEDx WLUBrantford

As innovative thinkers ourselves we were honoured to sponsor Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) Brantford’s TEDx conference on November 18, 2017.

Held at the Brantford campus, the WLU TEDx was a one-day student-run event that allowed individuals and communities to explore concepts in technology, entertainment and design in a TED-like forum.

Exploring a “One Drop—Thousands of Ripples” theme, WLU TEDx delved into a take on the butterfly effect from the position of positive action. Their goal was to demonstrate the massive change that can result from small yet powerful actions.

Through the day, participants heard talks from a variety of speakers including Janet McLaughlin of WLU on Community Healthcare: Responding to the needs of migrant workers; Dave Carol of Freedom House Church on Brantford’s Identity: How little drops of kindness can change everything; and Michael Etherington of Native Canadian Centre of Toronto and Modern Reconciliation: A novel approach to inter-community healing.

We congratulate the students of WLU on their successful TEDx and an avenue for bringing innovative thinking to the Brantford community.