Apr 21, 2017

An Intern’s Perspective: The End of the Journey

Marketing agency

It’s here, my last few days of interning at The Design Thinking Agency. This has sure been an exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling opportunity to say the least. There are a few key things I would like to point out about my experience.


Digital Marketing – SEO

Digital marketing has a major impact on brands. Combining a well-designed website, optimized content, and social media can help your brand outperform others.


At the beginning of my internship, Paige and Nicole asked me what I was interested in learning and doing. There were a couple similar things on my mind, like gaining more business writing skills, exploring how to write in different tones, and learning more about digital marketing. I believe I have made tremendous strides towards improving those skills by writing website copy for clients, SEO blog posts, and developing SEO analysis’. Now that my internship is ending, I know that I will be specializing in digital marketing.


Benefits of a Local Agency

As with any internship, you need to be open and willing to learn regardless of where your internship is either at a large company in Toronto or a small local agency in Brantford. Both experiences can be positive to help prepare you for the future. However, at a small agency, the environment allows you to have constant interaction with all of the staff and to see first-hand how each person makes a meaningful impact on clients’ work. I believe you gain more professional relationships working at a small agency and you really get to know the people.


What’s the most important thing I’ve learned?

If I had to choose one important thing I’ve learned during my internship, it’s that nothing is promised as you need to be open to change and able to make decisions quickly. Each day I was here, a new challenge presented itself where I was able to develop new and fresh insight or spot unique trends.


What does my future look like?

One thing that is certain is I’ll be graduating with an Advanced Diploma from Mohawk College for the Advertising & Marketing Communications Management program in June. From here, I will be attending Fanshawe College this September to take their one-year Marketing Management graduate certificate program that specializes in digital marketing.


With the new outlooks gained from my experiences at Design Thinking about digital marketing and advertising in general, I’m ready to move forward and begin shaping my career.