Mar 16, 2017

6 Reasons You Need Adwords In Your Marketing Budget

Brantford marketing

Long gone are the days where you could only use traditional advertising like radio, television, and print to fully convey your message to your audience. The landscape has shifted to digital advertising which includes display ads and search ads. Google’s AdWords platform makes it easy to create, edit and manage digital based ads and campaigns. But why should you be including Google AdWords in your next marketing budget?


First, quickly let’s talk about the different types of campaigns.


Google Search Ads

Google Search ads are text based ads which are listed at the top and sides of Google search page results. You can identify them easily by their distinctive green ad icon. These ads will show up depending on what you search for. For instance, if I search for ‘windows’ in Google, the very top three listings will be window ads.


Google Display Ads

This type of ad is very visual and is most often displayed on Google Partner sites rather than Google search results. Websites like Kijiji, news sites, and blog or forum sites may have image based ads which change as you navigate the site. One of the greatest tools of Google Display advertising is remarketing, a technique which makes ads follow customers as they peruse the internet.


Still need convincing? Now, onto a list of six reasons why Adwords is essential to your marketing campaigns:


1. Scalable

With AdWords, marketers do not need to put in 3x the effort to get 3x the results. Marketers can scale their results by the amount of money they’re willing to spend and effort they want to put in at the beginning to create the ads. If you find your campaigns are running out of your daily budgets, increasing it is a simple click.


2. Measurable

With Google AdWords, every single aspect of your marketing campaign is measurable. You can measure the number of clicks, number of impressions, click through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), etc. This makes it simple and easy to measure your return on investment (ROI).


3. Flexible & Highly Targeted

AdWords provides tons of options for you to customize your campaigns and ads to your business’ needs. You can create “ad extensions” which enable you to display product images, a phone number, direct links to your site, and your physical location. You can target by location, time, mobile or desktop, and language to name a few.


4. Immediate Results

As soon as you start your campaign your ads will start running, meaning you have the potential to be listed at the top of Google within minutes. That’s what makes Adwords a fantastic tool while you’re working on your organic SEO.


5. Cost Effective

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can set a budget per day or per month which can be as small as $5 (or smaller) up to potentially $5000 per day or more. You’re never limited in how little or how much you spend.


6. Remarketing

As mentioned before, this is a fantastic tool as it allows advertisers to follow previous site visitors and show them their ads across Google’s large network of partner sites on the Google Display Network.


While Google’s Adwords platform has many built in tools, it can be tough to know how to properly set up a campaign. Having a dedicated team regularly optimizing your campaigns, fine tuning keywords/ads/ad groups will ensure your metrics improve over time. Talk to us about how we can set up a targeted and successful Google AdWords campaign for you.