Apr 11, 2018

5 Tips and Tricks for YouTube

5 Tips and Tricks for YouTube

In this day and age, it is imperative for your business to have an online presence. If you don’t, do you even really exist? A successful online presence, however, includes more than just Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. YouTube has evolved to become an extremely important and useful marketing tool as video sharing provides a great opportunity for advertising. And the best part of it all is that uploading a video is completely free! Here are just a few tips and tricks on how to utilize YouTube when it comes to marketing your business.

1. Give your business a face

Brand awareness is key when it comes to having consumers recall your company. You want your YouTube page to stand out and be memorable. Match your YouTube page to align with your brand by changing the appearance settings and the background colour to match your company’s colours. Be sure to add your logo wherever possible so that your brand becomes easily recognizable across all of your platforms online.

2. Drive traffic to your website

Ultimately, the point of social media marketing is to drive consumers to your website resulting in conversions. The content in your videos should be engaging enough that the viewer will want to visit your website. Within the first two minutes make it clear to the viewer why they need your service or product. To make it even easier for viewers to go to your website, include the link to your page in the description field just below the video.

3. Use the description field

As we just mentioned, include your business and website information in the description field. This is also a great place for optimized content to increase your rankings. Make sure your content has relevant keywords and make the description unique using primary keywords within the first sentence.

4. Get optimized

Your video is just one among billions of other videos to be discovered. Keywords are your best bet for optimizing your video content. Make sure everything under the SEO umbrella is taken care of such as ensuring your title includes relevant terms.

5. Collaborations

YouTube is a growing sensation giving you the opportunity to join forces with fellow YouTubers to increase your audience span. Share your peers’ content and maybe they will share yours in exchange. It’s best to partner with those who have a similar online presence as you.

We understand that video marketing and managing a YouTube account can be stressful and overwhelming. The content will most likely require more effort to create, but your reach can be exponential as long as you optimize your videos correctly. If you need help getting started or you’re looking for a team of experts to manage your current account, contact us today and start taking advantage of this growing network.